Diplomatic tensions caused by arrest of Huawei executive cause concern at Alberta universities

The University of Alberta and, to a lesser extent, the University of Calgary, have deep ties to China and even Huawei itself. There are concerns about the future of funding and flow of Chinese students as a result of the recent diplomatic tensions between Canada and China, though there is no indication as of yet that China plans to retaliate by blocking funding or students.

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International students more vulnerable to sexual assault than their domestic peers

MOSAIC, an immigrant services organization in Vancouver, is working to improve the support available for international students who are the victims of sexual assault. The CEO of the organization believes that international students are more vulnerable because they are more likely to be isolated, lack a social network and are navigating a different cultural context.

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Educators worry about trade war and political tensions with China

There are roughly 600,000 Chinese students studying abroad and they add a lot of money into the coffers of colleges and universities. In Canada, roughly one in three international students is Chinese. An Illinois college was so worried about the fallout of the Trump trade war that they actually took out an insurance policy with Lloyds of London.

For a short article that has some really fun details on this, read more in the Vancouver Sun.

TESOL 2019 Approacheth

It is hard to believe that in little more than a month it will be time for TESOL! And if that isn’t exciting enough, it is in Atlanta, so all of us who attend will have the chance to fill up on fried pickles (and chicken) at the same time. That is what they call “living”.

English Central will be there and exhibiting with our newest publisher, Innova Press. Award-winning author Terry Phillips will be with us representing Innova. Terry will also be presenting on his upcoming series EAP Grammar. As always, we will also have plenty of great books with us and fun little gifts for those who are kind enough to come and visit us at our booth.

We hope you will attend our sessions too! Here are the details:

The Skillful approach to teaching critical thinking

March 13th, 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM in A408 at GWCC

All published EAP materials claim to teach critical thinking skills, but do they ask students to do more than discuss their opinions? In this session, attendees look at low- to high-order critical thinking skills and how they can effectively be taught across levels of an EAP curriculum.

The importance of grammar in EAP

English is largely a syntactic language, with meaning being conveyed in most cases by word order. However, there is generally a focus on tense formation and usage in the ESL classroom. This session explores the importance of teaching competence in syntax to improve academic reading and writing.

Where do Canadian PSE institutions revenues come from?

Statistics Canada has reported that revenue for all 166 public Canadian colleges, cegeps and polytechnics rose 0.2 billion in 2016/17 over the previous academic year. As provincial funding has remained flat for several years, the increase in revenue is due to larger tuition being collected. There has been an increase of 27.2% in tuition since 2012/2013. It is important to note that a large part of this increase in tuition revenue is due to the 55% increase in international students.

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