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International students want to get back to face-to-face learning

This may not come as a surprise to many (though it maybe to the dismay of some program chairs) that students prefer in class to online learning. Two new surveys confirm as much and also indicate that students are willing to get vaccines and go through quarantine in order to get back to the classroom.

Read more in the EL Gazette.

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When will language programs recover from the pandemic?

With vaccinations making great progress, the light is at the end of the tunnel (for those of us in wealthy countries, at least). The idea that things can start returning to normal soon is comforting and realistic to a certain extent. But for those of us in the language teaching industry, we are now more aware than ever that our industry is very tied in with the tourism industry and that leaves us not entirely sure when things will return to normal for us.

Well, a recent article in The PIE News reports on the recent Languages Canada virtual conference and its discussion of when full recovery can be expected. Spoiler alert! It says that the flow of international students will not fully resume until 2023, which is a little depressing (we are sick of treading water and imagine we are not the only ones). On the positive side, it says that Canada is well positioned right now to be the top destination in the world when that recovery comes.

Read more in the PIE News.

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Canada’s 15 research universities are losing market share of international students to other Canadian universities

Leave aside the 80% drop in study permits Canada issued from 2019 to 2020. Since 2017, more international students have chosen not to study at one of the U15 Group of Canadian Reasearch Universities. In 2016, 51.8% of study permits went to students studying at one of these U15 members; by 2019, this number shrank to 36.7%.

Read more at ApplyBoard.

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ILAC partners with Air Canada to offer discounted airfare to international students

Air Canada is offering any student looking to study at ILAC or any of the 80 institutions that have a pathway agreement with ILAC a 15% discount on their flight. The discount is valid until the end of 2021 but flights must be booked by June 30th.

See ILAC’s press release.