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TESOL 2018: March 27-30 in the Windy City… don’t miss our presentations!

Chicago is one of our favorite cities and so we have more than just the convention to look forward to next month.

As is our habit, we will be exhibiting at the convention. Please be sure to come by our booth to say hello, check out our new resources and claim some SWAG for yourself. Also, if you are the type who enjoys presentations made by intelligent and witty people, be kind to yourself and come to one or both of our presentations.

What Innovation in the Classroom Can Look Like

3:00 – 3:45 PM, Wednesday, March 28

E263 (McCormick Place, Lakeside Center, East)

Buzzwords come and go, as do arguments for pedagogical shifts. What if innovation in the classroom involved the marriage of solid teaching principles and genuinely useful content and skills development for 21st century students? In this session the presenter examines some materials that facilitate positive innovation in the classroom.


Critical Thinking, Skills, and Language Development in EAP


E263 (McCormick Place, Lakeside Center, East)

Work on global skills, like making presentations and writing essays, must be done in tandem with the development of critical thinking and subskills (e.g., using intonation patterns expressing attitude and using hedging structures). In doing this, the new edition of Skillful excels in preparing students for their future studies.