The New A-Z of ELT


Author: Scott Thornbury
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Series Editor: Adrian Underhill

A Dictionary of Terms and Concepts

The New A-Z of ELT  is a practical and informative guide that is indispensable to teachers and teacher trainers of all levels of experience. The new edition has been revised and restructured to take recent developments in language teaching into account. It is a fully cross-referenced, alphabetical guide to ELT that defines and explains essential language teaching concepts and terminology from fields including grammar, linguistics, discourse analysis, digital pedagogies, and phonology.

The clear, concise, and readable entries provide summaries of the major issues of ELT and debates associated with each concept as well as their practical implications.  New teachers can check the meanings of new terms whilst experienced teachers will gain a more wide-ranging understanding of topics of interest. The guide:

  • covers all the key terms used in English Language Teaching, including explanations of common acronyms
  • describes language teaching techniques, methods, and theories as well as ways to teach common language points
  • provides cross references to interrelated concepts, a glossary, and suggestions for further reading

Scott Thornbury teachers on the online MA TESOL program at the New School, New York. He has also taught and trained in Spain (where he lives), Egypt, the UK, and in his native New Zealand. He has written a number of prize-winning books on grammar and methodology. His present interests include discourse analysis, classroom interaction, second language emergence, and critical pedagogy.

The New A-Z of ELT supports teachers through the development phases 1-3 of the Eaquals Framework for Language Teacher Training & Development.