Learning Teaching, 3rd ed


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Author: Jim Scrivener
Publisher: Macmillan Education

Learning Teaching is the essential guide for new teachers and is an invaluable resource for teacher training courses. It combines the basic principles of working an a language classroom with practical teaching advice, helping teachers plan and run successful activities, lessons and courses.

Reasons to love this book: 

It can’t be stressed enough that this is not a dry methodology book that confuses new teachers and gives them no practical insight or preparation for actually being in the classroom. In fact, Learning Teaching is the exact opposite! Also, this edition features viceo footage of experienced teachers in action and offers demonstration of common teaching techniques such as error correction, giving instructions and eliciting responses. There is also updated material on technology covering the use of computers, interactive whiteboards and virtual learning environments.

Key features:

  • Video footage of an entire ELT lesson (to be used for observation on initial training courses)
  • New sections on CLIL, young learners and teaching exam classes