Uncovering CLIL


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Authors: Peeter Mehista, Maria-Jesus Frigols, David Marsh
Publisher: Macmillan English

The books in the Macmillan Books for Teachers series have been written to expand and develop skills used by English language teachers. Equally suited for both new teachers and seasoned professionals, the series covers topics ranging from cutting edge methodology developments to practical techniques. Insights from academic research are combined with hands-on experience to create books which provide solutions for real world teaching situations.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) refers to methodologies used in teaching situations where a second language is used as a medium for teaching non-language content. Uncovering CLIL has been written to act as a guide for both language and subject teachers to the various methodologies and techniques involved in CLIL teaching.

Benefits of Uncovering CLIL:

  • An ideal guide for teachers getting started in CLIL, and existing practitioners in search of new ideas
  • Presents a broad overview of CLIL essentials for teachers at both primary and secondary levels
  • Contains a broad range of practical ideas and activities that can be used in the CLIL classroom