The Developing Teacher


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Author: Duncan Foord
Publisher: Delta Publishing

The multi-award winning Delta Teacher Development Series features some of the best and most expert authors in ELT writing about fundamental areas of professional interest to teachers today. Each title in the series has three distinctive parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development.

Part A: Theory

    • An examination of different aspects and issues in teacher development
    • A discussion of how teachers learn and what prevents teachers from learning
    • A survey of the literature on language teacher development, helpful for those studying MA or Diploma courses on the subject


Part B: Practice

    • A bank of activities organised into five circles of expanding development, embracing all aspects of the language teacher’s life.
    • Activities that take little time, often adding “a developmental twist” to regular classroom practice
    • Procedures that follow a step-by-step outline, making them easy to understand at a glance


Part C: Developement

    • A view of further teacher development, promoting reflective practice
    • Longer-term projects: diary, portfolio and teacher development programme
    • Step-by-step guides to each project, enabling and empowering teachers to commit to their continuing development


The book has been awarded the 2009 Duke of Edinburgh/ESU Award for Best Entry for Teachers.

The Developing Teacher believes that teachers themselves are the most powerful agents of change and development in their own professional career. It is ideal for teachers who wish to take control of their own development, for those people in positions of responsibility for teacher development, and for complementing courses in language teacher education.