Business Skills Series – Networking In English


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Authors: Pete Sharma, Barney Barrett
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

Networking in English is for anyone who finds it hard to “find the right words” when communicating informally in the workplace. It is a practical, engaging and easy-to-use course that will build confidence in a difficult area. Written by a writing dream team, Barney Barret and Pete Sharma, this is an indispensable title in an area that is much overlooked.

Key Features:

  • All language is contextualized by the 6 characters that appear throughout the book and provide a range of voices and personality types.
  • A student ‘Needs Analysis’ at the beginning of the book allows the course to be used in a tailor-made fashion.
  • Cultural and networking tips provide extra support and background information.
  • Review sections and word lists consolidate the lexical input so important in conversational English.
  • Ideal for self-study, use in the classroom, or reference.
  • Speakers are both native and non-native in order to familiarize students with the global corporate market.