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DELTA Speaking Globally webinar series

English Central is happy to promote a webinar series being offered by one of our publishers.

DELTA Publishing Speaking Globally is a week of connecting teachers around the world to some of the best speakers in ELT today.

Join us from Monday 22 March until Thursday 25 March 2021 for an exciting week of ideas and thoughts that will inspire you in so many ways, both inside and outside the classroom.

David Crystal will be talking about the direction Englishes are taking and Scott Thornbury will revisit the unplugged world of teaching that’s moved online and what direction this digital way is taking us. These are just two of the speakers lined up, so have a look at what we have planned for the week below.

Make sure you sign up and don’t miss these great talks. We are looking forward to a great week of ELT Speaking Globally.

More information and sign up.