An argument against prioritizing international students

Protectionist voices are not lacking in Canada. A recent article in the Financial Post argues that Canada should stop pursuing the cash cow of international students and instead focus on educating Canadians for the jobs that we will need filled.

While the article is worth reading, some statements stand out as rather ignorant and fearful, such as this one:

Canada must identify those credentials and skills that are strategically important to meeting the needs of the future economy such as science, technology, engineering, and computer science. These courses must be offered to Canadians only and not to outsiders who will take these skills home and build their economies in order to compete against Canada.

Presumably the author has not read the RBC report Humans Wanted. She fails to mention that post-secondary iunstitutions are insufficiently funded and therefore have put increasing emphasis on recruiting international students in order to stay afloat.

Read more (and come up with more points to argue).