Verdicts: Real Court Cases to Argue and Resolve


Authors: Jack Miller and Ray Clark
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This photocopyable book is designed to stimulate lively discussion among intermediate to advanced English language learners. It is based on real court cases in which, to put it simply, someone is suing someone else. The learners study the cases and then carry on a discussion about the case and who should win. The actual results of the case are also in the book, to be used for comparison with the learners’ resolution.

In addition to working on discussion skills in English, the learners will also encounter new vocabulary. Each case includes a vocabulary practice page for words that are central to the case. The vocabulary also reflects a semantic field that includes legal terms and words associated with injury and damage. A vocabulary list of all featured words is also available in the book, as are answers for the vocabulary page.

The legal cases in this book are called torts. A tort involves damage, injury, or a wrongful act done willfully, negligently, or in circumstances involving strict liability. The learners will also find themselves involved with an

exploration of a particular aspect of American culture: American law and the legal system in general. On page ix you will find a facsimile of an advertisement by a law office offering to represent clients in a court case. You will also see a series of discussion prompts that will start your students building vocabulary and talking about this very American

cultural phenomenon.