English Through Art


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Authors: Peter Grundy, Hania Bociek, Kevin Parker
Publisher: Helbling Languages

English through Art brings together 100 highly varied, original, ready-to-use activities to foster real communication in English through imaginative responses to both artistic images and easy-to-do creative work. A clear introduction explains how art can be used to stimulate language acquisition in a creative, enjoyable and memorable way and provides advice on how to get the very best out of this exceptional book.

English through Art is packed with great activities on using art:

  • to stimulate talk
  • to approach established activities in new ways
  • to promote decision-making tasks in the language classroom
  • to motivate learners to talk about themselves
  • for vocabulary building and for writing activites.

No prior knowledge of art or artists is required – even the most creative activities can be done by every student irrespective of their experience or background knowledge or ability.

English through Art comes with a time-saving CD-ROM containing 50 full-colour reproductions from the National Museum and gallery of Wales to use alongside those activities that work best with images. The activities themselves can easily be adapted and used for different levels, from elementary to advanced, with teenagers, young adults and adults, in EFL/ESL, CLIL and Art and Design classes and for individual, small group and whole class work. Whether you need to pep your lessons up, stimulate your students, provide a sparkling 10 minutes at the end of the week or plan a truly engaging, term-length project, this is the book for you!