The Great Big Book of Crosswords


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Author: Emma Iulo
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

This photocopiable collection of crosswords gives English language learners and native speakers in literacy programs the opportunity to play with the language, and in doing so, learn about the language and discover the enjoyment of language play.

A crossword puzzle is a challenge to solve a problem – to figure things out. Each puzzle is a learning experience. The solver confronts a challenge, uses what they know to discover the unknowns, overcomes frustrations, and experiences the pleasure of success.

The puzzles in this book are best used by intermediate and advanced level students.

They are arranged in five categories. The first four focus on linguistic form – letters, sounds, and words (excellent practice for spelling and literacy development). The last section of topics focuses on semantic fields – time, food, work, sports, and more. This section can be used to review and even discover new vocabulary.

The puzzles are graded as moderate (M) and difficult (D).

Although crosswords are typically done alone, they can also be used very effectively by pairs of students working together, using the language to share what they know and solve the problem. Another good use of the puzzles is in a tutorial situation where the tutor and the student work together.

The answers to the puzzles are in the back of the book.