The Great Big BINGO Book


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Authors: Nina Ito, Anne Berry

Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

Fun, easy-to-use photocopiable games with clear directions.

There are five focus areas:

  • Vocabulary – topics: greetings, actions, food, body parts, weather, clothing, sports, gestures, the classroom, and collocations and idioms
  • Pronunciation – the alphabet, stress reduction “I can/I can’t,” and minimal pairs
  • Grammar – prepositions, past participial, imperative/past tense, rejoinders, tag questions, count/non-count, questions, modals, gerunds and infinitives
  • Writing – sentence formation, comparisons, punctuation, and writing tasks
  • Cultural topics – first day ice breakers, campus scavenger hunt, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, December Holidays

These games are very easy to use. Everything is supplied, from the BINGO cards and chips, to instructions to the teacher. Simply photocopy the game cards and follow the detailed instructions in the teacher’s notes.

The games are fun and instructive, and everybody’s a winner!