Skillful 2nd Edition – Reading & Writing Level 2 – Nondigital Versions


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Publisher: Macmillan Education
Authors: Louis Rogers
CEFR: B1 IELTS: 4.0 TOEIC©: 500-650

Skillful Reading & Writing helps teachers prepare their students for academic work in English by teaching not only language systems – grammar and vocabulary – but the necessary skills to engage with topics, texts and discourse with classmates. Students need to know how to do things: how to explain, persuade, outline and argue a thesis, distinguish between important and unimportant information, make transitions, identify cause and effect and more. Skillful acknowledges that acquiring these skills is not a matter of memorizing facts, but is rather a matter of students noticing them as they read, breaking them down and understanding them through clear explanations, and then practicing those skills in carefully scaffolded writing activities that lead to freer practice. There are also study skills pages within the units which teach students strategies they can use to improve their academic performance and build confidence for ongoing independent learning.

Each unit begins with a stunning visual as well as a discussion point and infographic to orient students and engage them with the unit’s theme. Each unit opening section contains authentic Reuters video, which presents engaging real-world topics to spark ideas and debate. The video can be streamed online or downloaded from the Student’s Resource Center. Unit topics mirror those in Skillful Listening & Speaking so both books can be used alongside each other.