Reading for the Real World 2


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Publisher: Compass Publishing
Authors: Moraig Macgillivray, Tonia Peters, Michael Kane
CEF Level: B2+

Reading for the Real World Third Edition is a four-level series designed for intermediate to advanced English learners who wish to improve their academic reading fluency and comprehension. All reading passages and exercises have been revised and updated for the third edition. High-interest readings on a wide range of topics motivate students and provide abundant practice, while also enabling students to acquire the New Academic Word List (Nv AWL) in context. Each reading is accompanied by exercises that allow students to check their comprehension and to further explore the topic.


  • Thematically organized readings on important current topics from a variety of academic subjects
  • Reading comprehension exercises designed to hone comprehension skills such as identifying the main idea, understanding details, and making inferences
  • Pre-reading and post-reading exercises to reinforce the NAWL vocabulary words encountered in the readings
  • Graphic organizers and other summary activities that provide practice in summarizing texts accurately and concisely
  • Supplemental readings that allow students to explore a different area or issue related to the main passage
  • Audio recordings of all reading passages to reinforce correct pronunciation and reading fluency
  • New supplementary materials available online to extend learning: answer keys, translations, word lists, writing worksheets, mobile app, and progress tests