Reading for the Real World Intro, 4th Edition


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Reading for the Real World, Fourth Edition is a four-level series designed for intermediate to
advanced English learners looking to improve their academic reading fluency and comprehension.
The fourth edition includes:
★ New and updated readings on important current topics from a variety of academic subjects
★ Reading comprehension exercises designed to hone comprehension skills such as identifying
the main idea, understanding details, and making inferences
★ Pre-reading and post-reading exercises to reinforce the New Academic Word List (NAWL)
vocabulary words encountered in the readings
★ Graphic organizers and other summary activities that provide practice in summarizing texts
accurately and concisely
★ Supplemental readings that allow students to explore a different area or issue related to the
main passage
★ Audio recordings of all reading passages to reinforce correct pronunciation and reading
★ An interactive application for supplemental learning
★ Downloadable materials, including answer keys, words lists, and tests, can be found at