Passport to Academic Presentations – Digital Version


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Passport to Academic Presentations

Oral presentations have become an increasingly important feature of Higher Education; developing abilities in this area can be crucial for students’ academic success.

Passport to Academic Presentations aims to demystify the entire oral presentation process by examining each of the different stages in turn. No prior knowledge is assumed, and students are gradually introduced to a set of core language and skills, allowing them to tackle oral presentations in an academic context with increased confidence and fluency.

A key feature of the course is its focus on transferability; students are encouraged to apply the material to their own specific subject areas throughout. Each unit also contains advice on pronunciation and tips for improving oral presentation delivery.

The Student’s Book comes with a free audio CD. Videos of the presentations and interactive exercises are also available free online at

Key Features

  • Audio CDs for further self-study and listening practice
  • Tips for successful presentations
  • Step-by-step coverage of the oral presentation process
  • Focus on key language and pronunciation areas
  • Online material includes extended learning through filmed presentations and interactive exercises