English for Academic Study: Speaking & Pronunciation


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Authors: Joan McCormack, Sebastian Watkins, Jonathan Smith, Annette Margolis
Publisher: Garnet Education
Upper Intermediate
Suitable for classroom use

The best-selling English for Academic Study (EAS) series provides students with a clear and efficient path to academic competency and success. Students are no longer simply working through college-level materials; they are consciously developing skills and strategies that can transfer out of the EAP classroom into their future studies, becoming capable and autonomous learners.

English for Academic Study: Speaking & Pronunciation: takes a Task-Based Approach to refining presentation and seminar participation skills by finding a focus, organizing ideas and developing functional language and competency.

Key Features:

  • “Useful language” section supports discussions and presentations
  • Regular review units and learner diary sections to consolidate work
  • FREE audio CDs for further self-study or homework
  • Useful 20-page appendix
  • Pronunciation of individual sounds
  • Syllables and word stress
  • Understanding word stress patterns
  • Sentence stress and speaker choice
  • Sounds in connected speech


  • Being a successful student
  • Learning online
  • Changing roles in the family
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • The influence of the media
  • Consolidation unit
  • The world of work
  • Protecting the environment
  • Science and the paranormal
  • Vowel sounds 1, word stress and weak forms
  • Vowel sounds 2, word stress patterns
  • Consonant sounds 1, sentence stress
  • Consonant sounds 2, word stress on two-syllable words
  • Diphthongs 1, sounds in connected speech
  • Consonant clusters 1: tone units 1
  • Diphthongs 2, tone units 2
  • Consonant clusters 2, intonation


“Excellent, very complete, very thorough and well-structured. The topics feel relevant and not overly dense. The methodology also feels up-to-date and cutting-edge.”
– iT’s Magazines, Autumn 2007

“An attractive, well-planned, flexible and very useable course book.”
– Amanda Ilic, Loughborough University: English Language Study Unit

“A welcome change from more general pronunciation texts.”
– Jane Clark, University of Canterbury

“A useful addition to the range of pronunciation resources and is particularly welcome for its academic focus.”
– TE