English for Academic Study: Listening


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Authors: Colin Campbell, Jonathan Smith
Publisher: Garnet Education
Upper Intermediate to Proficiency
Suitable for classroom use

The best-selling English for Academic Study (EAS) series provides students with a clear and efficient path to academic competency and success. Students are no longer simply working through college-level materials; they are consciously developing skills and strategies that can transfer out of the EAP classroom into their future studies, becoming capable and autonomous learners.

English for Academic Study: Listening: the focus for each unit is not the theme of the lectures, but a listening skill (such as note-taking or understanding digressions) that is crucial for understanding any lecture.

Key features:

  • an Audio CD included with Course Book
  • Video material of academic lectures to expose students to the real language of lectures
  • Varied lecture styles and topics to meet the needs of students in a range of academic fields
  • Scaffolded approach to increase confidence and learner independence
  • Colourful and attractive layout
  • The teacher’s book includes keys to the tasks, as well as suggestions for using the sources and tasks, depending on the needs and levels of the students involved.


  1. Listening and lectures
  2. Introductions to lectures
  3. Identifying key ideas in lectures
  4. Note-taking
  5. Introducing new terminology
  6. What lecturers do in lectures
  7. Digressions



“The material on the DVD was so enjoyable that we continued watching it after we’d finished reviewing the book.”
– iT’s Magazines, Spring 2008

“The different subject areas of the lectures should interest a large number of students, and the tasks and scaffolding will help them to cope with lectures in their own field of study.”
– Derek Porter, University of Canterbury