EAP Essentials


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Authors: Olwyn Alexander, Sue Argent, Jenifer Spencer
Publisher: Garnet Education
Appropriate for All Levels

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With the increase in students joining academic English-language courses, the teaching of English for Academic Purposes is a rapidly expanding profession.

There are, however, few specialist handbooks for the practising teacher in this field. EAP Essentials: A teacher’s guide to principles and practice is grounded in the authors’ extensive practical experience in the EAP classroom. It bridges the gap between the theory and practice of EAP teaching, by distilling the insights from recent research into ideas that can be applied in teaching and materials development.

EAP Essentials builds confidence through a range of practical tasks and by providing case studies of real teachers and students. This enables the teacher to reflect on best practice and identify ways to develop their own teaching skills.

EAP Essentials offers original and practical ideas appropriate to a wide variety of contexts. The accompanying free CD also provides a large number of well-trialled materials that can be copied for use within the classroom. The book contains ten chapters, each one underpinned by up-to-date research, and backed up with a list of recommended further reading.


  • The latest research adapted for classroom use
  • Practical approach allows teachers immediate engagement with EAP materials
  • Real case studies document classroom experience of teachers and students
  • CD-ROM includes original ideas and well-trialled materials for teaching in a variety of contexts
  • Written by practising EAP trainers from Heriot-Watt University



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  1. Unit 1: The EAP context
  2. Unit 2: Text analysis
  3. Unit 3: Course design
  4. Unit 4: Reading
  5. Unit 5: Vocabulary
  6. Unit 6: Writing
  7. Unit 7: Listening and Speaking
  8. Unit 8: Critical thinking
  9. Unit 9: Student autonomy
  10. Unit 10: Assessment
  11. Notes
  12. Bibliography
  13. Index

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