Communicating in Business English


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Author of Student Book: Bob Dignen
Authors of Teacher Guide: Nick Brieger, John King
Publisher: Compass Publishing

Communicating in Business English (CBE) is designed for people interested in developing their communication skills for business. The focus of this book is on functional English that people need to communicate within various business environments. CBE presents vocabulary and language patterns related to business environments and situations.

Topics covered in the book include: making and receiving business calls, giving presentations, participating in meetings, socializing with business contacts, negotiating deals, and writing business letters or documents. By using this book, readers will develop a firm foundation of business English skills to help them communicate and function in a wide range of business situations.

Key Features:

  • Key vocabulary lists for each lesson
  • Sample language structures for common sentences and phrases
  • Cross-cultural tips and golden rules for effective communication
  • Dialogs illustrating vocabulary usage in context
  • Exercises for vocabulary comprehension and reinforcement
  • Answer key for exercises