Business Listening & Speaking


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Authors: Maurice Jamall, Bruce Wade
Publisher: ABAX
TOEIC®: 700+

Ideal for internationally-minded business people, Business Listening & Speaking students will get practice in talking about the situations they most need to talk about.

A dedicated skills book that concentrates on the skills of listening and speaking within a communicative framework.

The text focuses on broad themes—the impact of new technology on a business, entering a new market, the logistics of an industry—that are relevant to a wide range of industries.


      • A wide variety of themes of intrinsic interest to business people, such as Business Ethics, Company Structure, New Markets and more
      • Extended listenings as well as short listenings
      • Listening for gist, for understanding and for specific information
      • A variety of standard English accents that international business people will encounter
      • Listening Clinics: exercises that help learners understand English as it is naturally spoken
      • Speaking tasks: designed to extend the listening practices and cement understanding of the language and concepts introduced, and to then encourage the learners to bring their own experiences into the classroom