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Online Video-based Quizzes


The title pretty much says it all. is a great free resource for teachers. You can take an online video clip from a source like YouTube and create a quiz to go with it. Once you are finished, you can send students to to complete watch and answer or you can embed the video and quiz onto your own website or blog.

Looking around at some of the videos and quizzes that teachers have made on the site, I was reminded how important it is for teachers to think carefully when they use video. I know that when I was still teaching, I often just wanted to share some of my favourite videos with my students. I knew that was not a good reason to spend class time watching, and yet I often pressed on. Those classes sometimes fell flat; I may have liked the video, but the language may have been way over the students’ heads or there was no clear learning aim. With the principles of effective video use in mind, I created my own quiz on using video on and embedded it below. Try my quiz!

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