Another deal to entice international students

We read an article yesterday suggesting that Canada needed to spend more on marketing to international students if it wanted to continue increasing its numbers. The article mentioned that Canada only spends $5 million in marketing while New Zealand spends $40 million (if memory serves). At the time, we thought that New Zealand has a pretty small slice of the pie as it is and they might have to work (or spend) harder.

However, something else that Canada likes to do to attract international students is to waive work and even immigration enticements under the noses of potential students. “Spend tens (or a hundred or so) of thousands of dollars on tuition in Canada and you can become a citizen after.” Something along those lines, although it also seems that each province and even some individual educational institutions come up with their own deals.

And so we report that Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia recently announced that they had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University that will allow students to study and work in BC. In this paticular deal, student would study for two years in the Indian university, then transfer to TRU for two more years of study. Upon completing their studies, students would receive a three year work permit.

Read the TRU press release.