Some English instructors feel pressure to pass international students

Two English instructors at Langara College in Vancouver have gone public with their concern that they are being pressured to pass international students who deserve to fail their classes. While the College provost denies there is any such pressure, the instructors are just two lending their voice to the growing number of post-secondary educators pointing to the problems created by the exploding number of international students at Canadian colleges and universitites.

As well as institutional pressure, there is also the pressure from students who sometimes try to move their instructors to improve their grades through tears or begging… or complaining to the department head. Instructors are also concerned about the effect of failing students on “rate your preofessor websites” and their ability to fill classes going forward.

These instructors have also voiced the concern that the quality of education for domestic students is going down because of the international students’ common inability to properly participate in the class because of linguistic deficiency.

Read the article in the Vancouver Sun.