The “Trump Effect”: more international students for Canada

This is not news so much (we have blogged on this before), but there is more reporting out there that since Trump became POTUS, international student applications to US post-secondary institutions while applications to Canadian schools has increased over 20%. Interestingly, the largest increases are from the U.S. (up 80%), Turkey (68%), Mexico (63%) and India (59%).

39% of surveyed U.S. colleges have reported a decline in international applications for the fall, but we will have to wait a bit longer to know how low actual enrollment numbers will end up being. Furthermore, there are other factors that probably have something to do with Canada’s swelling numbers, such as immigration policy changes that make citizenship easier to acquire after completing a degree from a Canadian institution. However, it would seem that there is undoubtedly a “Trump Effect” when it comes to international students and this effect is negative for America and positive for Canada. Sad! (For the U.S. at least!)

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