Diversity in international student base a smart move for schools

We have all heard of ghost towns and know the lesson they teach: it is never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. And so the University of Alberta has decided that they are on unstable ground seeing as nearly 75% of their international students are Chinese. Student tuition (30% being from international students) is the second largest contributor to the university’s coffers, and so they would clearly be, as my mother would say, in hot mucky poo if suddenly the relationship with China soured for one reason or another.

Perhaps even more interesting than the story in the Edmonton Journal is the comments on the article. English Language Teaching Professionals such as ourselves know full well that international students are used as cash cows to help keep post-secondary schools in the black. The general population is clearly not aware of the realities and so happily engage in commentary and outrage of Trumpian ignorance. It is not just our students we need to educate!

Read the story and comments in the Edmonton Journal.