If you entice students, will you find a place for them to live?

Real estate has gone insane in mamny parts of North America over the past 8 years or so because of low interest rates. Some cities consequently have extremely low vacancy rates. As provincial governments in Canada are quite preoccupied with coming up with plans to entice more international students to their educational institutions, it would make sense that they would consider all of the variables. Not just how to get students, but where to put them once they arrive.

Some claim thatas far as rental vacancy rates go, Vancouver is not just the worst city in Canada, but in the whole world! And so some bristled when the BC government boasted on Monday that BC had enticed more international students per capita (interesting claim anyway) than anywhere else in Canada. The ones bristling were irate that the government was ignoring the fact that the vacancy rate is 0.7% and that rental prices are soaring as a consequence.

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