Well Said Intro – 2nd Edition – eBook


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Authors : Linda Grant & Eve Einselen Yu

The Well Said series is designed to improve the pronunciation and communication skills of beginner to advanced students from all language backgrounds. It offers a clear course plan covering the essential areas of pronunciation, including stress, rhythm, and intonation–features that research shows help students the most. Additionally, there are over fifty pages of supplemental activities focusing on consonant and vowel sounds. The Intro level of Well Said is a slower-paced course that introduces the most important pronunciation features at the beginning to low-intermediate level. A free Website for teachers and students includes the full audio program.​


  • Simple explanations and clear illustrations
  • Controlled vocabulary and practical communicative contexts for lower-level students
  • Extensive awareness-raising and carefully guided listening and speaking practice

New to this Edition

Online Workbooks provide auto-graded activities that reinforce all rules and sounds presented in the book.