Transferable Academic Skills Kit (TASK)


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Authors: Amanda Fava-Verde, Prue Griffiths, Anthony Manning, Clare Nukui, Sarah Pachonick, Andrew O’Cain, Elisabeth Wilding, Jane Ward, Mark Peace, Louis Rogers, Frances Russell and Dawn Willoughby
Publisher: Garnet Education
Level: Intermediate to advanced CEF: B1+ TOEFL: 450 to 625+ IELTS: 4.0 to 7.5+

Transferable Academic Skills Kit (TASK) is a highly unique resource that could very well be the missing piece needed for students to succeed in their studies after they leave the EAP classroom. TASK doesn’t teach language; rather, it teaches the academic skills – such as critical thinking, presentations and avoiding plagiarism – that students desperately need in order to succeed in their post-secondary studies.

The book is divided into the following 10 modules:

  1. Academic Culture
  2. Group Work & Projects
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Essay Writing
  5. Scientific Writing
  6. Research & Online Sources
  7. Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism
  8. Presentations
  9. Assessments, Exams & Review
  10. Numeracy

The modular nature of the course enables teachers to construct either a full foundation program or select individual modules according to their students’ needs. Furthermore, modules can also be assigned for self-study.

Reasons to love TASK:

Firstly and foremost, it would be hard to find a student leaving an EAP program who didn’t need more work on these key academic skills; teachers have been scrambling to address this problem because there hasn’t been much by way of materials to work with. TASK solves this problem! It is an excellent premade solution and helps teachers ensure that their students have the academic skills they need to succeed in their post-EAP, post-secondary studies. Some smaller but still very good reasons to love TASK are that the skills learned are transferable to all faculties, there are web links for further study and carefully scaffolded activities support students as they improve their study skills.