Thinking Deeper: Social Issues, Problems, and Solutions


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Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates
Author: John Spiri

This collection of 53 photocopyable thinking and discussion activities features a wide variety of critically important contemporary social issues, problems, and solutions that affect every citizen. It is aimed at a young adult and adult audience of English language learners at an intermediate and higher proficiency level. With some adaptation, it can also be used selectively with middle school students.

For English language learners, there are two main purposes to these activities:

  1. Practicing English language skills, especially the skills of speaking and listening, in a conversation where learners also develop strategic competency as they engage in the back and forth of a discussion.
  2. As the title suggests, learners are asked to think about the positions they will take as they do the activity.
    In today’s world, more than ever, it is imperative that citizenry think beyond platitudes, slogans, and political promises, and have the opportunity to develop and explore their views on issues of local and global importance.

Although originally designed for English language learners, the simple design of the page and the procedures of the ​activities ​makes this photocopyable resource appropriate​ for a variety of classrooms, including those where English is the first language and the main focus is the critical thinking objective.