The Velveteen Rabbit


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  • SeriesHelbling Young ReadersHelbling Young Readers Classics
  • Series Level: Level F
  • Adapter: Maria Cleary
  • School Type: Primary School
  • Language Level: Cambridge A2 Flyers
  • Components: Reader, e-zone kids resources
  • Details: 32 pages, Softcover, 190 x 235 x 2.66 mm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7114-0219-6

The velveteen rabbit arrives in the nursery one Christmas morning. He becomes friends with the brown horse who tells him that toys can become ‘real’, when a child loves them for a long time. Soon he is the boy’s favourite toy but will he ever be able to run and play like the rabbits in the garden?
Find out in this classic story of friendship and love.

Recording in British English.