The Story of Icarus


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  • SeriesHelbling Young ReadersHelbling Young Readers Classics
  • Series Level: Level E
  • Adapter: Richard Northcott
  • School Type: Primary School
  • Language Level: Cambridge A1 Movers
  • Components: Reader, e-zone kids resources
  • Details: 32 pages, Softcover, 190 x 235 x 2.66 mm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7114-0218-9

Daedalus was a very clever man. He built a big palace with a maze for King Minos. Then King Minos became angry with Daedalus, and put him in a small room with his son Icarus.
But Daedalus wanted to escape, and he made wings for himself and Icarus.
Icarus loves flying. But what happens when he flies too close to the sun?

Recording in British English.