The New Class


Illustrated by Maria Sole Macchia
Authors: Herbert Puchta and Gavin Biggs
Publisher: Helbling
Recording in British English
Level: Pre-A1

Welcome to the Thinking Train, a unique series of picture books which focus on the development of children’s thinking skills through the use of stories.

When children are involved in thinking and also in talking about their thinking with others, they reach higher levels of achievement in the future as well as developing superior thinking skills. The Thinking Train stories will encourage a love of reading and promote thoughtful interaction with books while developing children’s thinking skills. The activities, in carefully graded English, will automatically develop and practice their language skills, too.

The New Class

It’s the first day of school. All the students are ready. But where is the teacher? When Mr. Evans arrives, he can’t remember the student’s names. How can the children help him? Find out in this fun story about the first day in a new class.