The Musicians of Bremen


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  • SeriesHelbling Young ReadersHelbling Young Readers Classics
  • Series Level: Level D
  • Adapter: Richard Northcott
  • Illustrator: Maria Sole Macchia
  • School Type: Primary School
  • Language Level: Cambridge A1 Movers
  • Components: Reader, e-zone kids resources
  • Details: 32 pages, Softcover, 190 x 235 x 2.66 mm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7114-0217-2

Donkey is old and he can’t carry the farmer’s sacks. So he decides to run away to Bremen, and become a musician. On his way, he meets a dog, a cat and a rooster. They are old too, and their owners don’t want them.
What happens when the four friends meet a band of robbers? And can they become musicians in the end?

Recording in British English.