The Kite


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Publisher: Helbling
ISBN: 9783852723129 / Big Book:  9783852727233
Author:Rick Sampedro


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Ehud and Elisa like flying kites. One windy day Ehud’s kite goes up and he can’t see it. Ehud is sad. Then it comes down in Elisa’s garden. Elisa gives Ehud his kite and he is happy. But then Ehud and Elisa look at their fathers. Their fathers aren’t friends. They are sad. Can the children think of a way to make everyone happy?





      • Colours
      • Games
      • Houses
      • Numbers
      • Weather



      • Can/can’t
      • Have got
      • Imperatives
      • Let’s
      • Like/don’t like
      • Present continuous
      • There is/there are
      • This/that



      • Talking about your family
      • Saying what you like doing
      • Using let’s to make suggestions
      • Saying what you are doing


    Big Book Info

    Helbling Young Readers Big Books make reading a fun experience while being a powerful tool for language learning. Maxi-format illustrations will captivate any class or group and enlarged text will allow children to see and follow words as they are pointed to and read by the teacher.

    Big Book Info

      • Size: 35×47 cm
      • Pages: 24 (story only)
      • Picture dictionary
      • Quick guide in book
      • Story available as MP3 download



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