The ESL Miscellany


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Authors: Raymond C. Clark, Arthur A. Burrows, Patrick R. Moran
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

The ESL Miscellany can be used as a:

  • Resource for developing your own lessons or a complete curriculum
  • Photocopiable source for handouts
  • Guideline for those who practice eclecticism
  • Reference book for advanced students of English anywhere in the world

The first section of the book that supports the Linguistic Aspect of what we do as ESL/EFL teachers today has been redesigned for the 4th edition. The new section includes materials to help you develop lessons and materials teaching English phonology, morphology, and grammar.

In the Communicative Aspect, all of the Situations, Topics, and Functions have been carefully reconsidered, updated, and in some cases amplified. Particular attention was paid to topics helpful to students needing survival English for entry level jobs and for students needing language to work with automobiles, the Internet, and other technology.

In the Cultural Aspect section, aside from updating statistics and the history section, a synopsis of the U.S. Constitution in plain English has been added. Many of the lists have been rearranged, and a collection of Bumper Stickers has been added for fun (and conversation). In the Metalinguistics section, the pedagogical atlas and the traffic signs has been upgraded, to help you work with the rules of the road. And lastly, in the Paralinguistic section the study of American Gestures has been completely redone.