The Dragon Without Eyes and Other Chinese Folktales


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Author: Phebe Xu Gray, Ph.D.
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

25 Stories to Hear, Read, Tell, and Discuss

These 25 tales will entertain, amuse, and instruct people of all ages. The characters and stories from ancient China offer interesting insights into the culture of a nation that is fast becoming a major player on the world’s stage. At the same time, there is a universality to the tales: foolish men lacking in common sense (“The Money Sign”) and a wise woman bringing up her child to become a great teacher (“The Teacher’s Mother”). There are poets, artists, and military leaders, and clever children and wise old men. There is a sly fox tricking a tiger, silly monkeys, and of course, friendly dragons, and “The Dragons Without Eyes.”

Each story is on one page with a sequenced list of key words and phrases on the back to serve as prompts for storytelling.

In addition to the stories, there are three other sections in the book that enhance the stories and provide opportunities for language development:

  • In part two, each of the stories is summarized with ten sentences for dictation. The sentences are broken into natural phrases for easy dictating, and on the same page, a series of questions lead the learners through a synopsis of the story as they answer the questions.
  • In part three, there are discussion prompts for each story. They check for comprehension and ask the learners to consider the purpose or moral of the story.
  • In part four, there are short background readings that provide historical and cultural information that is relevant to the story.

A CD of the stories is available for listening. On three other CD’s native speakers give the dictations.

A copyable Teacher’s Guide provides grammar practice and vocabulary exercises with answers.