The Business 2.0 – Upper Intermediate


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Authors: Francis Watkins, Mike Sayer, John Allison, Jeremy Townsend, Paul Emmerson
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Upper Intermediate

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The Business 2.0 builds upon the success of the first edition and offers students the confidence, language and skills they need to succeed in the competitive international business environment…as well as fresh and current content. Business 2.0 is a compact course that offers the same breadth of material as a course with hundreds of components. It is also the course you can make your own – the modular structure allows teachers to organize the content as best suits their business English class needs.

The Student’s Book contains 48 modules in eight units. Each unit deals with a key sector of activity in the business world. There are six different types of module:

  • About business: These modules contain information and language for the topic area of each unit.
  • Vocabulary: These modules build on the important words and phrases associated with the topic and provide thorough practice.
  • Grammar: These modules help students practise the grammar in a communicative and meaningful way, in business situations relating to the unit topic.
  • Speaking: These modules develop understanding and speaking skills in typical business situations. In these modules, students build up a checklist of useful expressions to use in the speaking activities.
  • Writing: These modules provide practice for the most important types of document student will need to write at work. They analyse a model text, focus on key language and use both as a basis for doing a writing output activity.
  • Case study: The case studies provide an opportunity to apply all the language, skills and ideas students have worked on in the unit. They present authentic problem-solving situations similar to those students will meet in business

Key Features:

  • Full writing module and a case study per unit
  • Speaking sections cover all relevant business communication skills such as giving presentations, handling negotiations and chairing meetings
  • Internet research boxes provide a context for extra study
  • Student’s Book wordlist, grammar reference, and extensive grammar and vocabulary practice material
  • Test every two units to review progress and allow students to “get promoted”
  • Business documents (letters, invoices, CVs etc) available to provide models for the students
  • Class audio recordings for the Student’s Book available as an MP3 download, together with rolling scripts

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The Business eWorkbook provides everything you would find in a printed workbook, as well as extra multimedia resources. It is mainly intended for self-study or home study and contains material to support and enhance the activities in the Student’s Book. There are activities to consolidate the language presented in the Student’s Book. Students can practise grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing. The Print and work area offers a pen-and-paper version of the activities in the Language practice section. The video section contains a video clip and worksheet to accompany each unit in the Student’s Book. The video clips are episodes of a mini-drama that illustrate the communication and people skills in each unit, along with key unit language. The exercises allow students to practise the functional language in the video. Students can test themselves at any point in the course using the eWorkbook, by setting either the time or the number of questions. All scores from the language practice and the tests feed directly into the markbook. This markbook can be exported as a pdf.

The eWorkbook Contains:
• Extra material such as language practice, tests, word lists and writing tips
• All the audio recordings from the Student’s Book and eWorkbook together with audioscripts


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This Teacher’s Book aims to make using The Business 2.0 Student’s Book easy. It provides ideas for lead-in activities for each unit, for further practice and for extension and personalisation activities, as well as answers and recording scripts and additional, photocopiable reading and speaking activities.

Key Features:

  • Contains informative background notes on the business topic for each unit
  • Full tapescripts and answer keys for all the Student’s Book exercises, including suggested answers for more open activities
  • Includes helpful teaching notes with ideas for additional activities and tasks
  • Additional photocopiable speaking activities and reading tests

The Teacher’s Resource Disc provides a wide range of additional multimedia material to support and enhance your lessons. For each unit you can find:
• A PowerPoint presentation that supplements the language and skills areas for each unit
• An entertaining video featuring the skills and language taught in the speaking module
• Worksheets and teaching notes to support the video

The Teacher’s Resource Disc also provides a wide range of tests, including unit-by-unit progress tests and two review tests, one after Unit 4 and the second after Unit 8.

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