Teaching Language for Communication and Accuracy


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Authors: Raymond C. Clark, Janie L. Duncan
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

Teaching Languages is a clear and practical handbook that describes and illustrates 20 techniques and 17 tactics for teaching and learning any spoken language.

The techniques are classroom practices that may take a full 50-minute class. There is typically a beginning (presentation), middle (practice), and end (production) to the full lesson. A sampling of the techniques includes:

  • Rhythmic Rhymes
  • Line Ups
  • Valuations
  • Surveys
  • Information Gaps
  • Reader’s Theater
  • Story Telling
  • Role Plays
  • Impromptus

Tactics usually focus on practice, and often require only a few minutes of class time. Frequently they are used spontaneously, as an error or question occurs in a lesson. They usually focus on a pronunciation, vocabulary, or grammar problem. They include:

  • Stress and Intonation Practice
  • Transformation Practice
  • Scrambled Sentences
  • Spontaneous Pattern Practice
  • Chain Practice
  • Pictograms

Although designed for the teacher in training, experienced teachers will often find a new tool for their “toolbox” – a new way to do something or a format they can use and adapt to create their own material.