Taking the TOEIC 2: Skills and Strategies


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Author: Nancie McKinnon

Publisher: Compass Publishing

Taking the TOEIC 2: Skills and Strategies is intended for intermediate-level students of English who need to refine their skills in preparation for the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test. The book is designed to assist students through focussed practice while developing familiarity with the format of the TOEIC.

Key Features:

  • Provides tips for key themes in the Listening and Reading sections (Can be used as warm-up activities)
  • Provides explanations of the grammar points commonly tested in the actual TOEIC® test
  • Provides mini-tests after each theme
  • Provides annotated answer keys for all the grammar questions
  • Perfect for intermediate level (Target Score: approx. 550-700)
  • Target audience: high school to college
  • 4 Chapters, 7 Parts
  • Available Downloads: Answer Key, MP3 Audio File, Transcripts, 180 extra questions