Story Central Level 5


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Authors:  Viv Lambert, Libby Williams, Angela Llanas, and Mo Choy
Publisher: Macmillan Education

Critical thinking, critical literacy and storytelling are at the hub of this beautiful new six-level course. With a rich literacy strand the course exposes students to a variety of storytelling styles through the Reader. Students critically examine stories, working together to find meaning. Every chapter (unit) covers key language and includes a feature story, a grammar corner, CLIL content and a project lesson.

Each level contains a Student Book, a Reader to develop students’ reading skills, and an Activity Book with CE:YL-style practice activities. Chapters are enriched with CLIL content from subjects such as social sciences, math and art, covering a broad base of topics ensuring students develop skills for life.

The Presentation Kit offers an extensive collection of video including American Sign Language Videos and Oral Storytelling Videos and Music Videos to enhance your lessons and help students to retain their learning. The Student’s App consolidates vocabulary through highly motivating games.

Key Features:

  • Provides a rich literacy experience
  • A story extract at the heart of each chapter using fiction and non-fiction text types
  • Develops 21st Century skills through critical thinking activities that enhance students’ cognitive abilities
  • An exciting music strand with catchy songs, accompanied by music videos
  • A comprehensive Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) program
  • Contains a webcode for the Student’s Resource Center and information on how to buy the Student App