Speaking by Speaking


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Authors: David W. Dugas, Ronald T. DesRosiers
Publisher: Compass Publishing

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Speaking by Speaking, Skills for Social Competence is designed to support the intermediate English language learner. A variety of conversations expose students to a wide range of significant modern topics while useful expressions provide students with a context for each dialog. Tables, graphs, and charts included with each unit give opportunities for students to develop analytical and mathematical thinking skills. By balancing communicative activities with grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading practice, Speaking by Speaking provides students with the tools to expand their conversational skills as well as allowing for rapid progress.

Key Features:

  • Sociolinguistic framework
  • Communicative speaking practice
  • Brainstorming activities to access prior topic-related vocabulary
  • Guided speaking to build conversational skills
  • Grammar and usage components to examine their varied functions in communication
  • Choral reading as an intensive listening exercise
  • Various colourful and informative charts
  • Comprehensive and issue-specific graphs
  • Multiple, helpful, and practical tables
  • Free MP3 CD for listening passages and exercises


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[Part A]

  • I. Warm-Ups: 3 Warm up activities – Brainstorming, Listening, and Useful Expressions.
  • II. Listening & Speaking: Listening a dialogue, Using key expressions in different conversations.
  • III. Description: Developing analytical and mathematical thinking skills through Charts, Graphs, Tables, and learning grammar.
  • IV. Reading and Discussions: Reading passage and giving questions.

[Part B]

  • I. Warm-Ups: 3 Warm up activities – Listening, Dictation, and Useful Expressions
  • II. Listening & Speaking: Listening a dialogue, giving an opportunity to express their opinions.
  • III. Description : Same as Part A
  • IV. Reading and Discussions : Same as Part A

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