Speak Your Mind Level 1 – Workbook + access to Audio


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Level: CEFR A2
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Author: Taylore-Knowles ET AL

The core assumption at the heart of Speak Your Mind is that better speaking and communication skills are contingent on better thinking and processing of information. Understanding information, transforming information and generating new ideas are central to the work done in Speak Your Mind. With this path taken to developing effective communication skills, students are equipped with the skills not just to survive, but to thrive and achieve their goals in life.

      • Key Features:

    Video content connects language practice to real life, including videos that look at the lives of people working in a variety of professions.


    Speaking activities at the end of each lesson provide practical strategies for successful communication.


    Unit openers encourage learners to share their previous knowledge, while special sections help them personalize new language for their own needs.


    Flexible opportunities for on-the-go practice are provided with the Student’s App, encouraging busy learners to consolidate language in an engaging gamified environment.


Full teacher support with an annotated Teacher Edition and accompanying Teacher’s App helps to deliver truly engaging lessons with an easy-to-use Classroom Presentation Kit.