Seeds of Confidence


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Authors: Veronica De Andres, Jane Arnold
Publisher: Helbling Languages

Giving fresh ideas on how to keep students engaged in the classroom, this series provides teachers with the resources they need. Providing both teaching theory and practice, the titles in The Resourceful Teacher Series will give any instructor a solid foundation of methodology to take into their classroom.

Seeds of Confidence presents current thinking on a very important aspect of the affective domain – self-esteem – and provides teachers with motivating, creative activities for use in the classroom to develop both language skills and learner confidence. As has been said, confidence leads to competence.

The book covers the five essential components of self-esteem are covered: security, identity, belonging, purpose and competence. Many suggestions are given for dealing with each in the classroom and so creating a classroom climate in which real language learning can grow.

Seeds of Confidence comes with a multimedia CD-ROM/Audio CD with worksheets, stories, poems, short videos, music and recordings of parts of the activities. It may be used on a computer and with a CD player. There are activities for all levels, from elementary to advanced.