Sam and the Sunflower Seeds


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Publisher: Helbling
ISBN: 9783852723136 / Big Book: 9783852727257
Author: Maria Cleary


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Sam loves visiting his grandad in the country and playing in the sunflower fields. One day, Sam’s grandad gives Sam some sunflower seeds. Sam plants his seeds and he waters them carefully. But the seeds do not grow. Can Grandad help?




      • Ecology
      • Farm animals
      • Garden and nature
      • Helping at home



      • ‘s for possessives
      • Articles
      • Irregular plurals
      • Possessive adjectives
      • Present simple
      • Questions
      • Some / any



        • Saying what you love doing
        • Asking for explanations
        • Giving instructions
        • Using the present tense for regular actions


    Helbling Young Readers Big Books make reading a fun experience while being a powerful tool for language learning. Maxi-format illustrations will captivate any class or group and enlarged text will allow children to see and follow words as they are pointed to and read by the teacher.

    Big Book Info:

      • Size: 35×47 cm
      • Pages: 24 (story only)
      • Picture dictionary
      • Quick guide in book
      • Story available as MP3 download