Ready for B2 First, 4th Edition


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The bestselling Ready for… series has been helping students prepare for their exams for over twenty years. This revised Fourth edition of Ready for B2 First continues to provide the in-depth exam training for which the course is known. It keeps all the popular features of the 3rd edition whilst adding innovative digital support, updated reading and listening texts, new pronunciation sections and improved page design for easy navigation.

Ready for sections focus on each paper of the exam in more detail ensuring that students feel fully confident before taking their exam. In each unit, all four language skills are systematically developed and practised, so even if students are not taking the exam, they will develop the language skills necessary for their future lives.

  • A unique Student’s App offers flexible on-the-go practice of the language covered in each unit, 2 full practice tests and 60 quick-fire ‘Are you Ready?’ questions to help students prepare for their exam.
  • Grammar is made easy with thorough Ready for Grammar reference sections at the back of the book which give clear explanations and provide extra practice.
  • New pronunciation sections and activities reflect the collaborative speaking tasks students will be required to complete with other candidates in the exam, providing a strong focus on effective communication.
  • New listening and reading texts with updated topics and tasks make the course more contemporary and relevant to students’ lives.
  • Full teacher support is provided with an annotated and interleaved Teacher’s Book with page views, answers, extra activities and teaching tips, plus access to the Test Generator which includes 2 full practice tests and 12 unit progress tests.