Reading for Speed and Fluency 2, 2nd ed


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With carefully leveled readings on familiar, high-interest topics, this series is the perfect tool to help readers read at a faster pace and more fluently. Vocabulary previewing activities help reduce the number of new words that will slow down readers. Following each passage, simple questions quickly check the reader’s comprehension of the main ideas. Expansion questions accompany each reading to extend the topic with speaking or writing. Each book in the series is carefully leveled passages written with a controlled pool of vocabulary.
Key features:

  • Thematically arranged passages to facilitate readers’ comprehension of subsequent text within each grouping
  • Strictly controlled vocabulary throughout the book to limit the slowing effect of unfamiliar words
  • Preview activities at the beginning of each chapter to promote faster reading of passages through pre-exposure to vocabulary found within the chapter
  • Questions following each passage that allow students to self-monitor their comprehension at accelerated reading speeds
  • Progress charts at the back of the book that allow students to graphically track the progress of their reading speed
  • MP3 audio fled, wordlists and Class Booster learning app (PC version) available as free downloads.