Read 100


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Author: Andrew E. Bennett
Publisher: Pro Lingua Associates

Read 100 provides 100-word reading passages for fact, fiction, and fun. This book is targeted at the beginner (800-word level).

The passages are not just prose paragraphs. They include various forms of the written language that a learner needs to deal with – graphs, charts, timetables, receipts, emails, blogs, maps, posters, as well as journals, recipes, and bio-sketches. In short, the passages are a reflection of the reading that we all do every day.

The passages also invite the reader into the global village we all live in.

Each reading is followed by three exercises that, in effect, bring the reader back for another look at the reading. The first exercise asks the reader to use vocabulary from the reading in a different context to explore the meaning and usage of the word. The second exercise asks the reader to use basic reading skills to fully comprehend the passage. The third exercise focuses on a point of grammar that occurs in the reading.